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Brooklyn Bridge Park is a world-class waterfront park with rolling hills, river front promenades, innovative play areas, and stunning views. Located along the Brooklyn waterfront, Brooklyn Bridge Park is bordered by Atlantic Avenue to the south and Jay Street to the north. The park is being constructed in phases and new sections will be opened to the public as they are completed.

A major sustainability objective of Brooklyn Bridge Park is to re-use as much of the site structures as possible, to preserve the cultural legacy of the site and reduce the resources expended in its transformation. The programming layout for the park is based on the structural capacity of marine infrastructure, dictating that heavier, infrastructure-dependent program elements be located on land, while programming for the pile-supported piers is guided by what the existing structures were capable of supporting. New park-related uses are introduced without overwhelming the structural capacity of the individual piers.

Pier 1, Pier 6, Main Street and Fulton Ferry Landing are open to the public right now.  Hours of operation are from 6 AM to 1 AM daily.  Additional sections of the park will be opening in the spring and summer, including portions of Pier 6 and the uplands of Pier 2.


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